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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  July 25, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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was no ransom demand. the mother of cal ripken jr. and billy kip i -- ripken was not injured. she is back home with her family. the fbi and state police, hartford sheriff's office and baltimore county police assisting in the investigation. the ripken family released a statement saying in part that a trying time for our family and we're grateful and relieved that mom is back with us safe and healthy. we want to thank everyone for their tremendous support, especially all of the law enforcement agencies that worked so hard and quickly. police are looking for a white male in his early 40s and late 30s, last seen wearing a camouflage shirt, glasses and a handgun. >> thank you for the update. police investigating an accident in southeast d.c. a car crashed into an apartment building on pomeroy road this afternoon. police believe someone shot at a man and took off into the vehicle. no injuries were reported. investigators identified the man who may have drowned in
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a laurel pond last night. the medical examiner will determine how caleaf richardson died. toxicology reports are due back in a few weeks. richardson went into a pond at an apartment complex on old stage coach road and never came out. they found his body at the bottom of the pond. and quick action by two prince georges county police officers. the police lieutenant and corporal noticed smoke last night. and that is after reporting, the pair went into the building without fire gear and got every resident out of the burning building safely. today, both officers spoke about their experience and say it was not easy getting everyone out. >> i went up and i kicked the door and the lock broke and the chain was still o. as soon as i saw the chain on from the inside, i knew there had to be someone inside and i continued to kick it until the chain broke and went to the back bedroom.
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she was in the back bedroom asleep and then i woke her up. a temporary shelter, meantime, has been opened at central high school for displaced residents. questions about his 2010 campaign. did mayor vince gray cut short a press conference today because he didn't want to talk about it? matt ackland is has more as the mayor unveiled an action plan and is he avoiding questions? >> reporter: a spokesperson said he is a busy man and has a packed schedule. he said in no way is the mayor a voiding questions, even though the media had many more to ask today. >> this is about building a city for everyone. >> reporter: the mayor. ed to talk about his one city action plan, an effort to improve safety, education, employment and many other things in d.c. >> i'm putting a document out here saying that we intend to
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deliver on this plan. >> reporter: the mayor answered questions for about an hour and a half about the successes of his administration and the goals he plans to accomplish. >> and that is an effort to say here are the things we said we're going to do and continue to do is come roll out. >> reporter: when it came time for general questions, the mayor kept it short. >> we're done. >> the media followed the mayor into the hallway where he typically answers more questions. not today. >> and this is supposed to be a press conference. you took two questions. >> you took two questions. >> reporter: minutes later, a gray spokesman said the mayor was not trying to avoid questions about his campaign. >> and like it or not, people want to know about the investigation. it appears he ran from us today. >> he did not run. he has a city to run. the mayor's not running from anyone. you don't run from a -- if you spend an hour and how many minutes in a room? >> reporter: earlier this week, mayor gray appeared upset when reporters tried to get his comment on a "washington post"
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report. >> and get the microphone out of my face. please. thank you. >> reporter: and back to today, mayor gray answered two general questions before cutting things off and had another appointment at union station following the press conference, but he did not immediately leave the wilson building. remember, the mayor said publicly in the past that his attorney told him not to talk about his campaign. shawn? >> and going to stay on top of it. thank you. >> uh-huh. am track and a hope -- amtrak and a host of officials formally announced a long-term plan to make over union station. the price tag? $7billion. john henrehan is joins us live from union station. no one is saying for sure where this is supposed to come from? >> that is a big dodge. laura, four different railroads use union station. amtrak, marc, vre and metro.
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officials say that unless considerable investment happens here, soon, it's going to be hard to move people out of the station. >> reporter: d.c.'s union station is one of the most beautiful in the world and that is the second busiest rail station in the country and demand from amtrak passengers and users of the suburban railroads here will soon overchillm the facility. >> to put it simply, it's looking forward or backwards. and that can more than double the next 15 years alone. >> reporter: much of the track layout here was designed for the station's opening in 1907. amtrak has a plan to institute higher speed rail service on the northeast corridor, which would whisk passengers from d.c. to new york in an hour and a half, cutting more than an hour from the current trip. passengers love that idea. >> of course, the airplane will get you there quicker. >> look at the time between
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this first security, the traffic getting to the airport, the hassle. too much hassle. >> and if the train went faster, would you go more often? >> of course. >> reporter: to put in the high- speed rail, amtrak wants -- want toes bury new tracks under the old tracks and create another whole underground level in the station. at the same time, a private developer wants to build an entire new neighborhood over the existing tracks that lead into the station and that would be done with private mean. the reconstruction of union station, while preserving the beautiful interior and exterior, would cost about $7 billion. 7billion with a b and that is a lot of money for one railroad station. we tried hard to nail the president of amtrak, joe boardman. how much federal money do you expect to pay for. this he wouldn't say for sure but answered the question this
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way: look n recent years, if you look at new highways and transit systems, the feds pay more than half and that is all he would say. there is coming legislation in the next year and i'm not saying that can happen, but that is a lost money for one railroad station. >> yeah. >> and that is what they say the price tag is. >> thank you very much. and another big story. there is new information in an incident involving david mercer, who was knocked unconscious out of a -- outside of a capitol hill convenient store recently. a two-week investigation revealed the man who hit mercer claims the punch was in self- defense and fox 5 aspaul wagner has more on that. >> reporter: when this story first broke, some media outlets showed vehicle of what appeared to be a man stealing the phone from the counter of a 7-eleven where david mercer was shopping. the reports indicated the thefts precipitated in an
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attack outside on mercer. law enforcement sources say there was never any stolen phone and that video may have given viewers the false impression there was. >> reporter: when david mercer walked into the store after 10:00 p.m. on july 12th, the video captured showed him talking on a cell phone. the videoals captured one of these men slipping a phone into his pocket. law enforcement sources who saw the uneditedvo say mercer may have thought the man took a phone and sures say he put his hand into the pocket. >> reporter: law enforcement sources believe that he was hit once in the face and fell backward, hitting his head knocking him unconscious. what led up to the punch is unclear. the accounts from all of the witnesses are not consistent. a week after the incident, police told reporters they were
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fairly confident they knew what happened to david mercer and that he was not attacked at random. >> this is not a random assault. we don't believe this involved a robbery but there was a dispute between the complaintant and -- complainant and another individual. >> reporter: police have interview everyone involveed and so far, no charges were filed and sources say investigators have been able to talk to him but it's unclear if he can give detectives an account of what took place. >> reporter: no charges yet. the d.c. police will leave the final decision up to prosecutors. we have been unable to win him for his comment, laura. >> thank you, paul wagner. redskins fans may see something new this fall. advertising and "the washington post" reports -- that they allowed the names on parking lot signs. the businesses are not allowed
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to do so but the county voted unanimously in favor. all of the money will go to the skill skins and nothing will go to the county. and the wait is almost over for redskins fans. training camp begins tomorrow with the much anticipated era in redskins history. lindsay murphy is live with more from redskins park. bring on rg3. >> reporter: i'm bringing him as quick as i can. yes, you see all of the tents are up, the grass is cut and that can mean one thing, we're ready for redskins training camp and we'll feel ready at 5:30 this evening, when robert griffin 3 will speak with the media and he's scheduled to meet with us six times and this is going to be number one and make sure you stay here. we going to carry his press conference live at 5:30. the good thing about rg-3, he's signed, sealed and delivered and seened that contract last week, a four-year deal worth $21 million this is the catch. all of that money is
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guaranteed. and so he's signed the contract and back in june, you probably remember this, at minicamp, mike shanahan said rg3 is going to be our starting quarterback and he comes into this camp with no questions. the question is who is going to be the backup? is it going to be rex gressman or cousins and that will be a sight to watch aside from robert griffin 3. and we talked about camp and that is going to begin tomorrow morning. the team will have a practice in the morning and another at 3:00 and that is open to the fans. people can come out thursday, friday, and saturday and beginning at 3:00. the morning sessions are in to walk on through. we'll send it back to you. >> and looking forward to it. okay. and up next on fox 5 news at 5. exclusive new details coming out. what the gunman did before the shooting. and new video relief shows the two missing iowa girls the
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day they disappeared and we'll take a closer look. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go?
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. we're learning more about friday's movie massacre in colorado. exclusive information obtained by indicates the gunman sent a notebook to a university of colorado psychiatrist before the shooting. inside, chilling details foreshadowing the horrific event. mike tobin has the latest. >> reporter: the exclusive
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information obtained by two law enforcement sources confirm the accused gunman in the colorado movie shooting sent a notebook to a university of colorado psychiatrist at this building before the attack. one of the sources said that the notebook was, quote, full of details about how he was going to kill people. sources say it was never delivered and is unclear how long the notebook sat in the to one of the sources, police and federal agents were called to this building on the university of colorado medical campus in aurora on monday. a psychiatrist there, also a professor, received a suspect -- package from james holmes and turned out harmless and from someone else. a search of the campus mailroom turned up another package support to the psychiatrist, this time with holmes' name on it. inside the notebook were, quote, drawings of what he was going to do. the illustrations predicted a gun-wielding stick figure blowing away other stick figures. the news comes as the first
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funeral of one of the 12 victims was held today. the 51-year-old gordon cowden was laid to rest in denver this afternoon. the family requested privacy for the service. the aurora community making a push to get the media to stop naming the shooter and to stop showing his images on tv. families of the victims fear the media attention feeds into the accused shooter's desire to be infamous. he makes his next court appearance on monday. the judge ruled no cameras will be allowed in the courtroom n. aurora, colorado, mike tobin, fox news. >> surveillance video shows two missing iowa girls riding their bikes the day they disappeared. abc news got their hands on this video here. the girls, only blurs on the far right side of the flame frame, but investigators say they're analyzing this video for some clues. their bikes were later found on a trail near a lake and the fbi believes they alive and won't say y. have you driven the beltway near tyson's lately? if you have, you have probably
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noticed the express lanes are close to opening. if you plan to use them as a car tire -- pooler, you will need to ditch your regular ez pass. what you need to know just ahead. and today was about as good as it gets around here. the low humidity and loads of sunshine. not too hot. i hope you enjoyed it and is that all i'm going same. i will say this. the heat is going come back. humidity, too and look at the forecast coming up. stay with us, fox 5 news at 5 will continue. ♪
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. another muggy day. you know what? it was not as hot out there today. >> oh, it was glorious. [ laughter ] >> and it was gorgeous. >> did you love it, laura? >> i loved it. >> i won't take credit for it. i just, you know, and i told you that was going to hap join and that is good. tomorrow, you can see it's
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going to go back up and the humidity is urging -- surging up. and got some relief and that is not typical washington-type humidity. gaithersburg and frederick and hagerstown, only 84 degrees and that is taking all day to get the temperature in the city, up to 88 and there is some breeze to the east of us, annapolis, 82 degrees and this is the forecast through the evening hours, 84 degrees at 7:00 and enjoy this evening and get out and about if can you and this is the heat advisory for tomorrow and this is inplas again. we expect the heat index values to surge 100 to 105 degrees and that is like it never goes away and that is a look at the forecast. again, stay cool no matter how you can for tomorrow.
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stay with us, though, right now. fox 5 news at 5 will continue. if you've been successful, you didn't get there on your own.
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someone who believes that achievement should be rewarded not punished. we need somebody who believes in america. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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. we have an update on the breaking news we brought you at the top of the newscast. a four-year-old boy accidentally shot himself in dale city, virginia and those are pictures from the scene. police tell us the little boy has now died. the shooting happened in a vehicle parked onm tire stream. the little boy was rushd to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. police and a number of emergency vehicles on the scene beginning the investigation to figure out what happened here. we're told that no one else was hurt and we'll have more on the news edge six. and a big announcement from v-dot. they launched the ez-pass flex transponder and allows drivers to switch between the modes. transponder is designed for the new express lanes, hot lanes, set to open on 495 this year.
5:26 pm
v-dot said the express lanes will expand public transportation in fairfax county. >> this is a game changer, and we're going to be able to provide bus service, something we had not had before on the new hot lanes. can i tell you where-from- working with the fairfax county office of transportation, that is a number one priority. >> and v-dot said standard transponders will work but drivers won't be able to use the free hov option. the redskins training camp is underway this week. coming up, we'll take you live to the redskins rookie rg3s press conference. keep it here on fox 5. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go?
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friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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. it's the eve of the redskins training camp. >> the rookies quarterback is taking center stage in a few minutes. lindsay murphy is live at redskins park with more. >> reporter: i have no idea why the over 50 media members are here. maybe to see robert griffin iii. we're waiting for him to walk out of the double doors and out of the training room to speak to me to kick off training camp. he's set to meet with the media six different times during the training camp and during the preseason. he got the deal signed with the redskins last week. last wednesday, he agreed to a four-year deal worth $21 million that is guaranteed. and he is signed and already knows that he's the starting quarterback. mike shanahan made that announcement during minicamp in june and what we're looking for
5:31 pm
is how is he adjusting? that was a big question coming into this year and that is because mike shanahan is a coach who likes to do things his way. is he going to have to adjust to rg3 or will rg3 have to adjust to mike shanahan. we have a few things to look at and we're waiting for him. training camp begins tomorrow. you'll be coming out at some point over the weekend, right? >> and let me ask you, lindsay. rg3, unlike, i guess, other players brought in and they have been specific with the media how they going to allow the mediaa have access to him. >> they have done that with players before in the past. usually quarterbacks will speak on a monday and that is how it's working with rg3 and we're given the 22nd rule and they
5:32 pm
going to be careful with him. where's a rookie, even though he handles himself prettily. >> let me ask you, too. he's causing a big buzz among fans and the media. >> and don't mean to interrupt you. >> yeah. >> he's coming out now. rg3 is walking out and is meeting with the mediate first time. we told you, six times during the preseason and he will meet with the media and this is the first. here he is. >> how are you all doing? >> does it feel different, if so, how? >> it's all business now. getting down to the season time. i think everyone came back in great shape. as can you see from the run, a
5:33 pm
little bit and serve ready to go out and compete. me, too. >> maybe the nerves you didn't have, the minicamps or ota? things like that? >> i think i was anxious and more nervous for mini camps and otas. now that i have been through the offense, you know, and had a trial at it and got a taste of how fast the game is and that is what i need to do as a quarterback and help the team win. and that is more relaxing and there is nothing else going on outside. we're on training camp and on lockdown. for a guy like me, that is a good thing. >> and you have a comfort level with the teammates you didn't have two months ago. >> that is all smiles in the locker room. when you see guys you haven't seen in a while and have that comradery, makes you feel good. even in the short time. and there is some great relationships. >> in the fold, too and knowing
5:34 pm
your receivers and guys. >> and doing with the guys over the break and doing those types of things to get you more familiar with them and you can see who is truly dedicated, who you have to continue to stay on to make sure they show the team they're dedicated. aside from that, working with those guys is a great thing. >> robert, there is so much about what you have to do this year? >> that is like asking me -- and why are you you? that is a difficult question to answer. how many that s i have no idea and that is more than one. more than two and three and we want to go that way. >> and individually, though. >> i don't set individual goals. everything i do is based on the theme. and for winning, always.
5:35 pm
[ indiscernible ] >> how do you balance, that you know, all of the celebrity and getting ready for your nfl season? >> it's great and easy to balance that now. the team doesn't look at me that way or the celebrity. i'm the quarterback and going to lead them to victor, you know, but there is no -- victor, but there is celebrity in the locker room for the most part and this is going to be good. >> the award shows, do you put that on the back burner now?
5:36 pm
>> and have their is no awards show. that is done. i did my work in the offseason and whether that is with manage or stay on top of the playbook and to make sure you did that. >> and was there reluctance on your part to put yourself out there for endorsement opportunities? considering you're an improving product at the nfl level? >> you only improving if you think you're improving and -- i am not proving, but i don't think that i am proving either. that is a hard way to answer that but i get what you're saying and the only thing i would make sure i stayed with is the company i truly believe in and not just doing things to get money. so, you know, there was a great experience and, you know, doing all of those things. everyone wants to be in a gatorade commercial and get it dripping from your face and that was fun. i enjoyed that and aside from, that it's about football. >> did you talk to a guy like hey, you know, if i'm out there
5:37 pm
doing stuff, how is is this going to be perceived? anything like that? >> i talked with my guys about that stuff and we wanted to make sure that i was not doing too much. before i had played, but the situations that a rose, you know, seemed fine. if it was not good, i would have felt it in the locker room, but, you know, when all of the guys showed up, most were laughing about them or saying that they were really cool. i think it would rub the team the right way and the biggest thing, it's not just about me but the redskins and they realize that. >> you said you had your playbook with all of your trips and whatnot. i know you had the. >> i joy pads and that and how did you stay mentally sharp night in, night out and making sure you didn't forget a lot of the stuff that you had learned in such a compact time? >> and we didn't have the ipad until i got back. i was carrying around the pamphlet, the big book and made
5:38 pm
sure i spent the right amount of time in the playbook and didn't try to kill myself with it either. you know something or not. for the most part, it was refreshing seeing what i liked, writing down questions that it had for the coordinator and quarterback coach and making sure when i saw them, i asked them about those things. i think that paid off for me. we're going to do things that, you know, i like, the receivers like and that is what you need to do. players play, coaches coach, but we have the rhythm -- we're the ones who have to make the plays and i think a lot of the guys will like what we do. >> and the players playing here in waco. what was the routine when the guys were down there? how many days did you do it? >> how many hours? >> we went twice a die. i wanted those guys to get a feel for who i was. you know, sometimes can you try to explain to someone who you are and where you come from, it's best to show them sometimes. i handled to get down there and go through a workout with the baylor team and just see how we worked and those things.
5:39 pm
and you can ask santana about it. he liked it and, you know, felt like it was something we should definitely, certain aspects to bring out here to washington and, you know, i thought it was a very productive, as far as throwing and it was also productive as far as us getting able to bond. >> how many guys came down ultimately. you hadn't signed, who came for dinner? >> i was going to pay for all of the dinners, but i think a couple of other guys covered that and said something about the tax breaks and business. i will let them take that burden. i don't want to say how many guys came down, for the guys who didn't come down, you know, and we have to step it up. [airplane flying overhead] >> back in april, you -- and even before you were drafted, you kind of knew that you would be in your words, the face of a
5:40 pm
franchise and now that it's this franchise with the play- off star fans and the three first-round picks given up. how much do you embrace the idea of being the face of this franchise? >> and that is really only 2. it's a blessing. nobody gets a chance to come to the capitol, the capitol city of the united states and play, be the quarterback in that town. i look at it as a blessing and fans are style for success and so are the fans. they want to get out and show people what they made of, whether they're ranked first in the poll or fourth in our division, whatever it is. i don't think anyone in the rocker -- locker room cares. we know what we have to do to be successful and we have to play. let you play and do the talking and i am proud to be a part of this franchise. >> do you like the idea of a face of the franchise? >> there is no true face of the
5:41 pm
franchise. if we all should had faces, we would be dead and there has to be a heart, has to be some legs, arms, some skin and definitely the guys in there and i am just, i guess you could say i am just the mask. they're the real ones and make up the body of the team. >> and how much contact have you had with time kyle? >> up, enough contact that we didn't get in trouble, i guess. and we talked. i tried to keep it to a minimum because, you know, i knew this was coming, training camp and guys can get burnt out. if you're constantly calling your coach and asking him questions about that, he can get burnt out as l. i try to respect that they're on vacation. if i needed to ask questions, called them up. >> do you feel like you know the playbook better now than you can did when you left here, even though you haven't been on the field with the coaches? >> oh, agree. i -- yeah, i mean we're going to do and do some install days
5:42 pm
like with ota. and i think i know more and i can hear the basis of it and dig deeper into that now and when it comes to knowing the playbook, no one knows it 100%. and that is about knowing what you have to do and our job is to stay on the field and score points. >> robert, the playbook modeled what you do bit, your strength and do you think that will put you in a familiar situation where some of what you do this season will do -- . >> and that is the mark of good coaching. they're going to have you do things you're used to doing and, of course, i never played in the until, and that will take adjusting, but they going to do some things that i feel i do best and that is not just me. every year is a different team, different players and they do things differently and some not so well. >> and you're the type of
5:43 pm
quarterback always enjoying the coaching and the technical aspects of what coaches can impart to you. >> i do. i respect my coaches and know as a professional, some guys look at it as eye-to-eye and that is taking adjusting to and i definitely respect the coaching and i would like to have that. like kyle told me the other day, he's here to help me and not necessarily to coach me. i already know how to play football. he's here to help me find my way through the nfl. >> and have you upgraded from the chrysler pacificca yet new that you have a contract? >> and up fortunately, my dad sold my chrysler pacific a. i don't have my college car anymore, but i have a nissan armada and audi a-8. didn't have to spend money on those and that is a good deal to have two free cars. >> you said all of the attention rubbed your teammates the right way.
5:44 pm
you think it's motivated them and kindelled their hunger? >> and i was talking to niles on twitter about the commercial, the gatorade one. i said keep on the ball and one day he will have his own commercial. it's not about being in the spotlight unless you doing it for the right reasons and it's with about what is about my myself and helping the team get back to where it wants to be and they want us to be in the fourth round and to be talked about in a good way, not a bad way and they look at it as hey, we have our chance to have a spotlight and let's go see. >> robert, you said something earlier in the press conference to your teammates, you're just robert and not rg3. you don't want to be someone who is larger-than-life with your teammates? >> and you can't be, i don't think so. you can be approachable if you're larger than life or if they feel you think you're larger than life, you have to be down to earth and be able to talk to them and be real with
5:45 pm
them and that is the biggest thing. i try to be real with all of my teammates. if they want to call me rg3, they can call me what they want. that persona of rg3, as far as a fan, doesn't really -- and that is not the same feeling for the guys in the locker room. >> you knew for a long time you were going to get a big contract and you got it. i mean, is that overwhelming to see the amount and bonus payment and all of that? >> you know my parents brought me up pretty good and i got a lot of faith in god, so i try to theno -- not to let anything affect me too much. it was exciting to some and not for the money but the final that i have made it in the until and that is exciting. i was excited and very proud of that moment. >> and [ question indicernible ] -- why did does he have a
5:46 pm
nickname. do you think by october 21st when you meet, they will know who you are? >> and that is -- one of my coaches at baylor called me bob. no one calls me bob. if that is what he wants to call me, that is fine and you don't have to call me rg3 at all. [ question indicernible ] >> have not, other than the pep really after getting drafted. we'll have roque shows pretty soon, do skits and so what happens. >> are you going to shut down your twitter account at the end of the draft. do you plan to do that? >> as far as getting rid of it, probably not. as far as tweeting goes, probably not too much tweeting because we don't plan on losing any games. you can't tweet when you win or lose. you might as well not tweet altogether. >> and the competition standpoint and games, how are you to the coaching. in the heat of it, you're
5:47 pm
playing and how do you handle coaching on the games and guidelines and is that -- whend school is high and low? >> and you have to show emotions and this is just about being able to control your e motion and i am an emotional player. if the team is down with energy, i know how to do that and if we're up and i need to execute, i know how to do that and that is about managing multiple situations. and sometimes you see coaches and players get into heated arguments, sometimes it's more pretty than other times, but as long as you're both fighting for the same goal, i think can you overcome anything like that. >> and this is -- now to, the attention and all of that and this is -- to stay grounded the
5:48 pm
way you want to? >> i don't know how to answer that. i try to stay grounded the whole time and we lein a right side world and it's mostly what have you done for me lately. the only thing i have been good for for the redskins is fan popularity and the fan base to support us through the season. i want to make sure i stay focused and continue to work and act like that undrafted free agent trying to make the team and go and perform that way. >> last year, newton set up video numbers -- and with some 14 touching rush downs and 700 rushing yards. when you look at what he was able to do, did you ever think that is the kind of numbers i might be able to put up as a rook net until? >> and you than pretty well. >> i don't pay attention to
5:49 pm
that and do not believe in that. i feel you have to do what you need to to make the team win. cam had a good year and looks to make big things this year. i don't try to compare myself to anybody else. >> and as far as the basketball league, has anything been overwhelming for you? have you been able to handle it in stride? and any pope are you overwhelmd? >> not overwhelmed but happy that everything is going smoothly and try to stay even keel. now that it's football time, all of that stuff can be put behind. it's fun to do, the commercials and that type of stuff and it's fun to sign a contract. you know, now it's about playing football. >> and what is that 50 speech to your teammates. what are you going to tell them? >> and right now, the speech duties are going to london
5:50 pm
fletcher. i'm not going to trump him on those. if i had to sit back and tell those guys anything, it's, you know, you want to be certified. the one thing i have taked to the rookies before, if you're the bad of the guy in the group, you have a problem. we have to make sure that everybody, everybody on this team is certified and by that, there is a word coming after it, but i'm not going to say it in front of this mic and you have to be certified and makes everyone know that you will take care of his business and that is what -- i'm not going to try to make it a one-man show, executing football and going out there. >> and can you talk about going through a playbook. is there one aspect you look
5:51 pm
forward to hitting hard on the fold? >> and just getting productive plays. the defense, i thought the defense did a good job in oca and limiting us to certain things and we had our big plays and great dayis and felt they did a great job. for me, it's about going every day and to walk off of the radio feel and there were a few days we didn't feel good with about what he did and as ab offense, our job is to put up points and stay on the field and give the defense rest sometimes when they have the long drives. >> a lot of people are going to play in preseason game. >> i don't know. that sun to the coach. >> a lot of people are worried about you n you run the ball. are you a slider? a step out of bounds guy or are you going to lower your shoulder once in a while? >> i told people this from the get go and i am a swatter out
5:52 pm
of bounds and with six cents left on the clock, i don't care who the hell the linebacker is, i'm going to try to get on the end zone and depends on the situation. if it's in the first quarter, i will be rung out of bounds with the best of them. if the game is on the line, don't expect me to freeway to flay or get out of the way and i don't look at that as a shot to my pride. i have done it before. it's a matter that the until guys are faster, bigger, stronger and hit harder and i respect that and respect my teammates making soar you stay healthy and the fans as well. >> what part of your game translates best to pro football? >> reporter: don't know. the ability to leave? and i think guys, if you're a good player in high school, can you be a good one in college. if you're a great player in
5:53 pm
college, you're a great player in the pros and that is about what you do to make sure you're successful. don't let anyone tell you that your game doesn't translate, you know, they might have told darren sprose that and look what he's doing now. same thing for drew breeze. i try to make sure i don't listen, listen to too much and hear people say his game doesn't translate. and go out and play and show them up. hey, doesn't matter who you are, how tall or big, can you play in the until if you are used to getting business done. >> is there anything about the fan reaction or expectations is that surprise you or i didn't realize it would be this big in. >> and this is a similar situation to the one at baylor.
5:54 pm
the program was a start for success for a long time and came out and got the program back on top and that is on a larger scale here in d.c. i realize that and i am not going put unnecessary pressure on my shoulders when i know that is more of a team thing and thundershower professionals. everyone was somebody at somewhere sometime and toma sure they're that person. >> and -- . >> and did you get sticker shock? >> yeah, i'm not a spender of mean, don't like to spend moneyta thamuch and the price on some of the places were ridiculous rick and we handle that. it's nice out here, like a jungle, a lot of bugs and trees and allergies, but it's fine. i am a chill guy and i use idea -- usually don't do too much. there is definitely stuff to do, whether you're here in virginia or d.c. >> you have allergies?
5:55 pm
>> no. is that a -- >> yeah, i have legs, okay. >> you said you see it's got the buzz and have not -- how are you going to keep everyone motivated day in and day out? >> i will take this d.c. humidity over texas heat any day, so, you know, i am feeling comfortable out here and that will be fun. if it's cold outside and i have seen them do it before, i won't and they go and play football when it's 20 degrees outside and that is about your mind set. if you say it's shot -- hot, it will will be a bad day. >> and do -- did you lose two points from april? >> i am 225 today.
5:56 pm
and it doesn't matter what my weight is. in college, they tell you to weigh a certain weight. in the pros, you play what you comfortable at and as long as i'm from 218 to 225, i should be fine. >> sounds like being humble is helping you gain the trust and respect of your teammates. is there anything else you are doing? >> and they see how hard i work and you talk to them about a little things and what is lasting long and what they copper can long in the leg and sometimes people, people think it's what you say when you're
5:57 pm
in the huge group that makes people think yew a leader. sometimes it's the conversations you have with guys and i think i have done a lot of that and not intensionally, but happens and that is to some people who can do those things and some can't and the team may not have accepted me as their leader yet but they see me as a guy who can help. >> what you have been able to check out in the d.c. area? >> not much. wherever i g it's a crazy scene and i have gone to movies, i went on a bus tour in d.c. and went to the u.s. national team, the games up there and that was fun. i try to make sure i am focused
5:58 pm
and grounded other than being the focal point of everything. sometimes you flood is to sit back, sit on the couch and drink some kool-aid or something. [ laughter ] >> and that is crazy what you were out in. >> it's not a mob or a negative thing but being a professional football player, you don't play with people who want to talk to you, they will take pictures. that is a part of it, though and i didn't know him either. >> right. >> and sometimes you have to do -- steady yourselves going down. >> reporter: all right, robert griffin 3 has to get used to the weather here and tod airplanes flying over from dulles airport. a couple of things to take away from this, he was nervous during training camp and otas, and he's not as nervous into training camp and that is because he had the receiver comes to waco, texas, last month and to do a passing camp
5:59 pm
with him to get a feel for who he is and the type of player he is. i like that he said his teammates will call him robert and not rg3 and high stays humble. >> and he has his head on straight strait. >> he does. >> and we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go? friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.


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